Sustainably growing

Over a million squares of new construction, investments worth billions, over 10.000 new jobs and apartments for 20.000 new Turku residents. The area of Itäharju triangle, approximately 90 hectares in size, offers a platform for the significant growth of Turku Science Park. Turku Science Park combines projects of land use, construction, mobility and functionality in the area into comprehensive urban development where all these projects support each other.

New housing attracts people to move to the Turku Science Park area.

Smart and energy-efficient construction

Turku Science Park is the most energy-efficient constructed area in the city. In addition to high-quality basic infrastructure, the solutions and technologies of a smart and sustainable city become highlighted in the development work of the area. In addition to the efficiently built environment, there is also space for plazas, promenades and parks in Science Park.

Constantly creating new

Cranes have been working in Science Park for a good while now, as the development of the area is well underway. Examples of new building stock in the area include the hospital buildings of Health Campus, the Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki, Kupittaa ball game hall block of student apartments Aitiopaikka.

The campus of universities will become more dense and vivid over the next few years when new facilities for studying, research, start-up operation and housing will surge in the area. The new university of applied sciences campus will bring thousands of students to the side of Kupittaa business cluster. Overall, there will be as many as thousand new student apartments by year 2022.