Logistically attractive

The strength of Turku Science Park is its excellent location in the proximity of the city centre and good transport connections. The developing of Science Park proceeds in stages as large entities and the transport and mobility solutions are further developed at the same time.

Kupittaa railway station.

Hub of transport and mobility

The extensive cover structure to be built above the motorway and railway along with new services will link the areas of Kupittaa and Itäharju, strengthening the nature of the area as a logistical hub. The One Hour Train connection that is being planned between Turku and Helsinki will turn Science Park into a solid part of the metropolitan commuter area.

High-quality cycling connections, feasible parking solutions, shared use services for bicycles and smart transport solutions facilitate mobility and reduce the need for personal car use. Forms of mobility and services supporting them are seamlessly linked and make everyday life in Science Park convenient.

Tramway to Turku Science Park?

On 20 April 2020, Turku City Council decided that the planning of tramway will continue by the creation of general plan and implementation plan for the Science Park and Port lines. The lines will link together the most notable urban development projects in Turku, namely Turku Science Park, the development of the city centre and Linnakaupunki. Implementing the tramway as a comprehensive urban development project can support and speed up the development of these areas.

The One Hour Train waits for clearance to depart

The One Hour Train is a high-speed rail link between Turku and Helsinki which is currently under planning. A new direct railway line from Espoo to Salo via Lohja will be constructed for the link.

The One Hour Train breaks borders between the neighbouring cities and creates more opportunities for working, studying and housing. It connects the stations as a chain of cities where labour, ideas and innovations move. The One Hour Train moves 1.5 million people. Where people move, investments also move. This benefits all Finland.