Boldly experimental

Turku Science Park is a future-oriented urban space of high class. Its building blocks include smooth and smart services, smart mobility solutions and diverse free time opportunities that support wellbeing.

Health Campus Turku and Tech Campus Turku are examples of significant multidisciplinary knowledge clusters within Turku Science Park.

Platform for new experiments and innovations

Turku Science Park welcomes new openings and functions as an attractive platform for experiments and developing of a smart city. Science Park offers a living lab for research and development work of several campuses operating in the area

Growth results from collaboration

Turku Science Park has a significant role in supporting regional and national growth. Not only is it a diverse education and research cluster but also a hub of internationally significant knowledge intensive business operation.

Higher education institutions, the business sector and city residents have been closely involved in the development work of the area right from the beginning. Partnerships will be utilised open-mindedly also in the future.