Turku Science Park spearhead project

Turun Tiedepuisto - Turku Science Park, one of the spearhead projects of the City of Turku, is an important component in developing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the city. The objective of the project is to use new network-like operating models to create a boldly experimental cluster of know-how of international interest that has diverse functions and is logistically attractive.

The area of Science Park, extending from the university campus to the Kupittaa base of jobs and further to Itäharju is the most significant centre of growth for know-how and hi-tech jobs in the urban region. Through the spearhead project, a showroom and an attractive platform is being offered for diverse experiment, development and research activities of a smart city.

Collaboration with the Triple Helix model

The success of Turku Science Park is based on partnership thinking, shared goals and making use of diverse know-how. Turku Science Park is a physical embodiment of the so-called Triple Helix model, where regional innovation culture is developed as a collaborative effort between higher education institutions, the business sector and the public sector. Key partners of the City of Turku include universities and higher education institutions operating in the Science Park area, the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Turku Technology Properties, University Properties of Finland, Student Village Foundation of Turku, regional business company Turku Science Park Oy and businesses in the area.

The framework for Science Park development is given by the Turku Science Park’s future image published in 2017, Masterplan 2050. In the Masterplan, prerequisites are created in the Science Park area extending towards Itäharju for 10.000 new jobs and 20.000 inhabitants. In order to reach the goals, we need operative level projects and contests that are implemented using the Triple Helix model.

Turku Science Park’s DNA

  • Boldly experimental
    Turku Science Park is profiled as an internationally significant and boldly experimental cluster of innovation and expertise. Turku Science Park also creates a competitive operational environment and growing environment for research and business activities for knowledge intensive research and business operation.
  • Logistically attractive
    Turku Science Park is a logistically attractive hub of smart mobility. Forms of sustainable mobility and services supporting them are seamlessly linked and make everyday life convenient.
  • Alive 24/7/365
    Turku Science Park is an oasis of encounters that is alive around the clock. Platforms, solutions and services promoting wellbeing and health are smoothly intertwined with the everyday life of residents, students and employees in the area.
  • Sustainably growing
    Turku Science Park is the most energy-efficient constructed area in the city. In addition to high-quality basic infrastructure, the solutions and technologies of a smart and sustainable city become highlighted in the development work of the area.